VScreen Launches Video Content Branding Platform

September 13th, 2016

The ‘VidBrander’ Tool Professionally Brands Any Video to a Broker and/or Agent, and comes Preloaded with a Brandable Video Content Library.

ORLANDO, FL (9/13/16) - Real estate professionals now have the ability to upload their own videos, or select from a pre-loaded library of 100 professionally produced real estate videos, and have the content immediately and professionally branded to them for easy marketing...including a personalized intro, clickable social media sharing, ‘calls-to-action’ and lead capture buttons at the end of every video, enabling the viewer to contact and engage with the agent after watching.

Not only can Realtors utilize VidBrander to automatically and professionally personalize their cell phone videos with agent branded pre-rolls, logo watermarks, and post-rolls...but brokers can also use VidBrander to further their ROI for every marketing video they've produced, by co-branding their company videos to their agents for additional social media shareability.

For those that don’t have their own videos and need turnkey video content, a library of 100 professionally produced real estate advice videos is also available to personally brand via the platform, answering the most commonly asked questions about real estate, such as: “How to Select a Real Estate Agent”, “How To Stage a Home to Sell”, “What is an H.O.A.?”, etc.

“Viewers decide within 3 seconds, whether or not they should continue watching your video”, said VScreen CEO Stephen Schweickart. “Our goal was to give agents a very simple video branding tool, providing them with the most professional first impression possible when someone clicks on their video. All they need to do is input their branding information, select their content, then click the button to brand and share their videos.”

Once branded, videos can be marketed on an agent’s website or blog, easily shared via social media and YouTube; or used in drip marketing campaigns, such as sending monthly video newsletters out to their customer database, helping to solidify the agent’s position as the local ‘go to’ source for all things real estate.

VidBrander pricing ranges from under $4 for agents to $495/month for brokers. For more information, visit VidBrander.com or contact VScreen via VScreen.com.

About VScreen

VScreen is the leading Internet video content provider within the real estate industry, offering turnkey video solutions to brokers and agents looking for the latest in consumer video content and automated video technology. In addition to being the parent company of VidBrander.com, and the automated listing video solution ListingVideos.com, VScreen also owns the patent pending MarketVideos.com portal, which automatically creates branded video content for real estate agents, featuring consumer tips, as well as hyper-local MLS market metrics powered by Terradatum.